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 Introducing Sae

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PostSubject: Introducing Sae   Introducing Sae I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 9:20 am

Well hi, im Saelius on jtv, however some of you may have seen me playing with Sarah,Wolf,Teka and Parky before on l4d2 where i go by the nasme Ophe, i think thats also the username i have on Minecraft too. However my real name is Matt so please if you see me on vent or in chat feel free to call me by my real name.
Anywho yus im 23 going on 24 soon next month. I work part time doing graphics design. What time i dont spend working i spend either sleeping playing games hanging out with my mates or watching jtv, with the occasional bout of tv thrown in.
As far as gaming goes i pretty much play anything, however my particular penchants are for RPG's and shooters as those are what i excel most at and tend to steer clear of sport and racing type games for the most part.
I do have my own channel on JTV however due to problems with my isp i havent been able to cast for the past few months, this will hopefully be sorted in the near future.
Im a bit of a music head, and you will normally find me listening to something. I like Metal Rock and Trance, though i will listen to near most everything.
I own a Xbox360 with live, a PS3 that barely gets touched now, and a gaming laptop and a gaming pc rig. So if you wanna play with me online sometime just send me a pm for my details.
Hmm what else is there to say, well i went to one of the smartest schools in the UK, and have a high IQ, as such i dont find being childish a good way forward with me, if you treat me like a idiot i will treat you in the same manner.
Lastly i wanna say that i suffer from Aspbergers syndrome which is a form of mild autism, this means i have trouble understanding people, empathising, and communicating, so please bear with me if im kinda quiet or if i say something mean i rarely mean it i just dont realise what im saying comes out that way.
Well thats about all i can really say so i will catch you all later.

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Hero Prinny

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing Sae   Introducing Sae I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 10:43 am

Barely touched PS3?! D: Well at least you have a cool gaming rig. >:T
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Introducing Sae
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