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 Mimana Iyar Chronicle

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PostSubject: Mimana Iyar Chronicle   Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:32 am

Well, I just finished it today...had so many mixed feelings about it...

Spoiler Alert (Although, most of you have been watching it at my channel)

Well I was tricked so many times. I was like, oh that's the final boss? Oh there's more, I can move in town again. Then there's that conversation that it's not over and there are more sealstones. Blew my mind. So they said to go to the train and go to the next town and I was like, oh it's only been 15 hours, it can't be over yet. I get to the train and credits????!?! WHAT?!

Well, I guess i'm happy that it's over. Find it funny that there's going to be a sequel...but melrose and patty aren't going to be in it as it seems. Tinon and Sophie are staying, my two favorites, so I'm still interested. GOD the dungeons were horrible, and the battle system needs to be polished. I don't recommend this game guys. I really only continued playing for the story and the silly events.

As it seems, there's MORE to do in the game. Not really, the album just says "hey play the game again to unlock more pictures. I have all the Tinon Pictures, it's okay. Well there's probably nice events for all the other characters, I guess I was only interested in Tinon's events, and maybe Sophie a little. I was entertained with Mel's events, they really got out of hand, but that was the beauty of it. Everyone was real annoyed with her VA though. xD I'll say this now, I WILL continue the series. So, hold on tight. x:

Now I'm playing Ys: Ark of Napishtism. :D
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Mimana Iyar Chronicle
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