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 Nippon Ichi Software games.

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PostSubject: Nippon Ichi Software games.   Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:10 pm

Well I though these games were all too epic to be forgotten, anyone who hasn't heard of them should check them out. Nippon Ichi is known for making really awesome really funny strategy rpgs that have amazing playtime value to them (I have 300+ hours on Disgaea 2 and I'm hardly close to finishing everything) So I thought I'd maybe compile a short list of games must get NiS games.
P.S I cast pretty much all these games on my channel owo.

Heres a list of their games
I hope Trinity Universe and Disgaea infinite turn out good!

Disgaea 1/2/3: (ps2/ps2/psp/ds)
This game series is to NiS what Mario is to Nintendo, it's their flagship and with good reason. The games all feature incredible flashy attacks, making every attack feel like an epic finisher. The characters are all original and very hilarious. With all sorts of hidden stages items and weapons to collect you'll have plenty to do as you grind your way up to level 9999!!!! Of course if your not hardcore about reaching the 9999 you can also enjoy the story lines each which are roughly 60-80 hours and will in turn have your party sitting between 50-90. IMO though it's really after the main story that the games kick off.

Soul Nomad and the world eaters:(ps2)
Excellent strategy rpg where you control small groups sorta like in Yggdra union except in this you can fully customize the squads with different units. It has the same 9999 limit and amazing powerful attacks however two key features make this one a solid choice for me. A ) You get to select your main characters gender which alters little points of the story and B )After your first playthrough of the game the second play through let's you decide your own choices to the storyline....... You can choose to become entirely evil and take over the entire world and believe me I had lots of fun with that storyline.

Phantom Brave: (ps2/wii)
Poor Marona that little outcast girl who lives on an island with no parents, everyone calls her possessed because she can talk to and summon phantoms. In this srpg you actually summon phantoms into items on the map field but becareful... they only stay so many turns, summon them too early and marona will be left all alone and you'll be boned. One thing that urks me about this game is it's difficulty... as well as monsters that steal your weapons and throw them off the map....... oh ya you can throw things off the map to O.B (Out of Bounds) destroy them. But anyways despite the difficulty I've also found a way to level up that makes the game almost too easy. Still a very fun game I recommend it just because Marona's so cute you just wanna help her =D. Oh I almost forgot to mention the grid system on maps.... there is none! It's a free movement kinda system where a circle goes around your character showing where they can go.... theres also slippery floors you can slide on in some levels.

Makai Kingdom: (ps2)
This game to me is what would happen if you fused disgaea and Phantom Brave together. It has PB's movement system and a similar unit summoning system called INVITE but the combat feels like Disgaea to me. It has the same quirky antics of Disgaea but one thing that makes this game unique or rather 2 things. BUILDINGS! You can summon them into the fight for your units to hide in and recieve bonuses or VEHICLES Yes vehicles! Your units can hop in motorcycles or drill machines or etc and believe me it's just awesome. Also the weapon selection is unique. I mean you got your swords, spears, hammers, bows, guns, UFO's, FISHING RODS, DRILLS. Btw Swords rapiers and katanas all are their own weapon class as well.... I have a badass samurai pizza cat lol.

La Pucelle Tactics: (ps2)
Well theres not alot I can say on this one because I don't have it but it has some similarities to Disgaea, It follows the grid srpg system but when you attack an enemy it goes into a traditional left side right side rpg battle of sorts briefly. The stages have multiple rooms to them which is pretty cool but beyond that I don't know much else.

Prinny! Can I really be the hero!: (psp)
It's like Ghost's and goblins only with epic prinny action and disgaea hilarity! You get 1000 lives and you'll need them! in normal mode 3 hits is death but if you hardcore you play hard mode! one touch is death! pick it up on your psp for some really really hard fun. (play on hard mode)

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! What did I do to deserve this? 1/2: (psp)
Very unique dungeon maker sim but very very hard. You control the god of destruction.................a......... pickaxe.............. .____________. and you use it yo chizel away caves. chip away certain blocks makes monsters appear. you gotta be fast though because heroes are coming to your cave and they wanna capture Overlord Badman! put Overlord Badman at the back of your cave and hope your monsters stop the heros. It's a very complex yet simple game that'll have you thinking..... but it'll get very frusterating.

Well I know I'm missing some more great games from Nippon ichi.... I always recommend visiting the Nippon Ichi Software website and seeing what games they have out however I'd like to take a brief moment for some games I personally feel need to be on the


Cross Edge: (ps3)
This game had me excited to think about all sorts of characters from different universes pulled together into one game. It was made by Compile Heart and I know NuiS only localized it but still..... this game was just...... just awful. The combat is tediously long, the dungeons are just crappy and on top of that the game is constantly realing free DLC..... well what's wrong with free DLC you ask? nothing normally, but they over did it! FREE MONEY, FREE RARE WEAPONS FREE EXPERIENCE and I'm talking like 30+ things of Free DLC..... they took a game that was too tedious and difficult and warped it around to being not even worth playing...... Some people might have a different opinion of the game but I just..... this game makes my eyes vomit.

Blade Dancers: Lineage of light: (psp)
well I can't really talk much on this game but I was disappointed by it right away.... It's your typical generic regular rpg and that was my problem with it. Anything that has the NiS logo on it to me is normal flashy exciting over the top and hilarious.... but this game was just.... an rpg....... I'm sure it's probally a fine rpg on it's own.... but the NiS logo promised things this game couldn't deliver for me.

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PostSubject: Re: Nippon Ichi Software games.   Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:07 pm

NIS is still a growing company in america. I hope in the future, people start to notice it more. They really are a one-of-a-kind company. Making neat RPGs, and recently, they've been making more than just RPGs. Platformers, puzzles, and a Graphic Novel is coming! I still don't have Soul Nomad, and hopefully i'll have enough money for Trinity Universe when it comes out. I'm sure that game will do fine, and Disgaea Infinite should be a great. We finally get a Fan Service game.

I think Cross Edge is okay. I'm not too far into it. It's a Fan Service game I guess but, it's not horrible to me. It's really grindy though and, it is pretty hard.

I was disappointed with blade dancer as well, but then again, maybe I just didn't play it long enough.
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Nippon Ichi Software games.
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